Labaw Donggon’s blogs

Haring Kaptan says you should visit these blogs!

Here’s a list of blogs by other cadets from the Academy, taken from this site.

Mates, if you’re reading this, please do a check if all the url’s are correct and leave a comment for any changes you want to have made.

And does anyone know what Tunac’s site is? Thanks!:

  1. Alvarez, Lyle – Play on Pavement
  2. Bayaga, Mark Matthew – 7107 by Foot
  3. Caliao, Yvonne – 151 Push-Ups
  4. Casiding, Anna – Genius Rewired
  5. Flores, Karlo – Galaxy Under Your Feet
  6. Pamaran, Eric – InFoolView
  7. Paule, Jonathan – Tablespoon of Flavors
  8. Mendoza, Patricia – Epic of the Three Stars
  9. Rendon, Miklos – ToYotoRi
  10. Reyes, Gabriello – Rucksack Running
  11. Salem, Mark Steven – Awkward Atoms
  12. Sedano, Jazle – The FlatPlanner
  13. Tiapson, Iris – Finding Suman
  14. Tunac, Joshua – Mates! Who knows what Joshua’s blogsite is?–Please leave a comment. Thanks!
  15. Yang, Mikkel – Hungry For Pi

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