Where brutal honesty will land you…

I live for this kind of lighting...

I’ve been ruminating about Huxley’s idea that man has an infinite capacity for distraction. It’s not just an idea these days, it’s a fact. Back when I was in high school I feared that we would become a people plagued by over-choice… I guess I should have known that it would be a reality. Of course the next thing the people of this century will need is a Social Networking Adviser/Guru/Organizer or a Personal Branding Manager.

Huxley vs. Orwell

Oh, but didn’t we already talk about that back in the Academy? I just find it funny… you see, back in college, I rarely had school books that coincided with reality. The books I came across in the past 4 months were some of the most practical and real.

The picture up there I’d taken earlier this year, it feels like a long, long time ago. I think I took a liking for photography because the sun does wonders to ordinary hues; because when natural light hits an object you get a concrete definition of ‘magic’. I’m sure that Huxley was right… though, there is no need to fear the infinite number of distractions. I don’t think I would have chosen to be born at another point in time.

Just a decade ago, photography wasn’t as instant as it is now. I couldn’t spoil myself with thousands of shots so I could find that one jewel of a frame. I couldn’t just sit in front of a screen and read about The Giant’s Causeway, China‘s Reed Flute Cave, the landscapes of Iceland, the Blue Holes of our oceans and even about Japan‘s infamous Aokigahara.

I think, Aldous Huxley, there is no need to fear. I think one simply needs to learn discernment. One must even be capable of discerning with whom one shares ideas, not everyone is ready for brutal honesty. This is my second to the last post before this years closes. And I’ve come to understand a few things:

1. Brutal honesty is a gift, not everyone has it, because not everyone can withstand it. Nonetheless, libraries would be less rich without it.

2. One can survive on so little… the greats can prosper, despite having so little.

3. Learn to be tough. There may be less than 20 people who share your mindset in this world, you might not find all of then in your lifetime… but they are there.

4. Read. Read. Read.

I’m sure there’s more in my brain–but, you see, I’d rather be succinct. You can always leave a comment if you have anymore questions. We also have a private feedback form right about here.

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