Saragnayan in highschool

Saragnayan: Click to download the full sized image.

It’s 4:11am on my watch… and I’m still hyped. I need to get some sleep because I have an appointment later at 10am. Anyway, the next time I want to be this awake I’ll just take a tall americana after Muay Thai practice, hopefully it will work the same.

Here’s another wallpaper that you can use for your desktops. It’s Saragnayan this time. In the Hinilawod Epic, Saragnayan is one of the enemies that Labaw Donggon must encounter and defeat so he comes closer to his destiny.

In the Hinilawod webcomic, Saragnayan is also a force to be reckoned with. While Labaw Donggon is a 13 year old freshman, Saragnayan is already 16 and one of the most prominent students in their school.

I’d hate to reveal any more about him. You’ll have to content yourselves with what I’ve written. Feel free to download the wallpaper and watch for further updates!

I’m most excited for the drawings of Dumalapdap and Humadapnon… but first, some shut-eye.

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