Epic of the Three Stars 03

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Labaw Donggon gets owned by a girl.

Page 03 of the Epic of the Three Stars comic.

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So, I keep wondering IF this is how a guy would phrase his thoughts. Maybe when I meet up with Yang and Salem tomorrow I’ll ask their opinions and I might change the script a little bit. If you do have any insights into this script please let me know.

If you’ll notice, Labaw Donggon is wearing slippers in campus. I wonder what high school would allow that? The Hinilawod University of the Arts? Anyway, I’d like a high school like that. My high school was extra stiff… though, if I had another chance, I think I’d go through that same Science and Technology Education Center experience all over again.

I really, really want to draw more fight scenes. I’m still a bit high from the Muay Thai session a while ago… but, I need to elaborate on the story first. There will be more opportunities for fights later. As for the girl?–I’ll introduce her to you in the future panels.

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