Epic of the Three Stars 04

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In 21st century terms Anna could be a stalker.

Page 04 of the Epic of the Three Stars comic.

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It’s early in the morning again. Me and Tiapson are working… we’re missing Salem and Yang, so we had all the veggies and left nothing for them.

Tiapson keeps on trying to guess who the girls are and who they were in the original Hinilawod epic. I’ll leave you guys to your assumptions. Okay… maybe after some sleep my brain will be able to write up a more decent post.

Her name’s Anna… because, mainly, she’s inspired by someone in the Labaw Donggon batch. Figuring it out is not rocket science.

Oh… and would anyone know of a decent textile manufacturer? Please let me know. See you later! Let me just tweak the autopost settings for this entry.

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