The right combos for damaging hits!

Hello mates, here’s a post for all of us. This is the bit of search engine optimization I’ve learned along the way. Hopefully these few tips will help you as you go about illuminating the blogosphere.

You see that stat bar on the upper left corner of your wordpress blog? Click it and it will bring you to your blog’s site statistics.

Once there… scroll down a little bit and you’ll come to Search Engine Terms. Click on This Week and it will redirect you to a list of Search Engine Keywords that people have typed into, for example, Google and has led them into your site.

You can also click on 30 Days to see one month’s worth of keywords. Now… what to do with all these keywords? Now, what you have to do is to creatively manage to incorporate these keywords into your blog posts. Simply said: the keywords are a description of your blog’s niche. This is organic search engine optimization. If you also have a separate blog, you can apply these same keywords and have some posts that link to your main blog, so that other blog can support your Labaw Donggon blog.

PHEW. So. Many. Blogs.

Just keep in mind:

  1. Don’t waste your keywords on the 1st paragraph – Search engines tend to ignore the first paragraph.
  2. Highlighting the keywords through italics, colors and bold lettering also helps… just make sure your post doesn’t look like a high school scrap book.
  3. Introduce new keywords but always maintain the old ones, specifically your top 10 keywords.
  4. Read up! There’s tons of tips on search engine optimization online, well, given SOPA and PIPA doesn’t make criminals out of us all. Here are a few reads: A B C.

These are just the few things I’ve learned from working on Hinilawod blogs and this goddess, so I hope this helps you, too. In Epic of the Three Stars, for example, these are the top search engine keywords. You’ll notice that I have these words in just about every blog post.

Except, maybe, for Takeshi Kaneshiro… but he’s just epic on so many levels, isn’t he? He might as well be counted among the ranks of Labaw Donggon, Humadapnon and Dumalapdap.

That was enjoyable… enough of that. Now, how do I squeeze the word eskrima into this post?–Oh, there it is!

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