Epic of the Three Stars 09

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Communication on several levels.

Page 09 of Epic of the Three Stars.

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I have about five more pages to elaborate on this scene, keep tuned in.

Anna may not be as strong as Labaw Donggon but she makes up for it with speed–and look at that hair! Labaw Donggon doesn’t look to be hurt at all, though his ego may have been bruised a little bit.

Labaw Donggon didn’t see that kick coming, maybe he was too caught up in his infatuation to focus on his goals. Poor Labaw Donggon and his raging hormones.

I’m not sure why wordpress keeps on suggesting that I tag Takeshi Kaneshiro into my posts… it’s probably the hits.

4 thoughts on “Epic of the Three Stars 09

  1. You know when hormones rages pain is gone momentarily and instantaneously as the brain goes dead, I speak on the experience of my own. 🙂 (So boys be very careful!)

    But yes…ego hurts at the instant and it is all reaction then on…it can be very predictable. Unless, he uses another “art of war” of his own…intentional drama to please the other side.

    Hey when would this all come out as one big book? I want to see all the scenes and action already.

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