Epic of the Three Stars 10

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So... her name is Fay.

Page 10 of Epic of the Three Stars with a hint of color!

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I have to constantly keep myself from posting all of the pages at once. This is a test of patience for me and you. Please bear with it.

Working on the Hinilawod comics has really been colorful; however, on a more colorful note, I had a zombie-apocalypse-type dream last night. That was very interesting. I just feel that this needs to be written down because I’ll forget it in the next few days:

The dream begins on a bus, we’re running away from zombies and we end up in a hotel. We run into the hotel and decide that it’s relatively safe. As we barricade the doors I think to myself “Why are we barricading the doors? They’re made of glass!

I hear my brother calling me and I wake up. Wasn’t a hotel a convenient location for a Silent Hill type scenario? My brother probably saved me from the more gory sequences. Phew.

Were Genius Rewired to give a psychologist’s POV of that dream, she’d probably play around the lines of apprehension and stress? Feelings of impending doom?

So… how was your day?!

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