How to catch a body kick.

How to catch a kick.

Click on the image to download the wallpaper.

This is how you catch an opponent who’s threatening to kick the side of your body.

Hmmmm… it’s not the best representation; considering, in the frame before this, Labaw Donggon had already been hit. This is what is supposed to happen, were this an ideal Muay Thai spar session:

1. Opponent kicks to side of your body.
2. Step sideways away from kick to decrease the power of kick from impact.
3. Immediately raise opponents leg to take them off balance and prevent attack from hands.
4. Immediately follow with low kick that should drop your opponent to canvas.
(Taken from Tiger Muay Thai)

Labaw Donggon only managed to employ step three. Then, Anna used SPARKLY DISTRACTION. It was super effective.

2 thoughts on “How to catch a body kick.

  1. Hahay! :))

    Well it seems to me like it will be him who will hit the canvass then.

    When will he give up?

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