Going up the mountain with Desiderata.

Starting the 15th of March I’ll be offline for about a month again, so if you guys have any concerns please email or PM me before the 15th or after April 17, 2012.

I’m honestly excited to see my Labaw Donggon mates, how they’ve changed… how the months have been kind or harsh to us.

Here’s to another month of knowing but not knowing exactly what to expect. If there’s one thing I learned, I’ve come to know that there are heroes among us. Our Filipino soldiers are men of purpose, courage and heart–what the media intends for us to believe isn’t the real deal.

Blurred representations

Considering my aesthetic state at this point, all I'll give out are blurred representations.

I think GeniusRewired has worded it better in her letter to the F8. I’ll try to ask someone to reply to comments on Epic of the Three Stars and on Facebook; in case there will be no one, I hope you can wait for about a month for me to get back to your comments. See you guys!

remember what peace there may be in silence

6 thoughts on “Going up the mountain with Desiderata.

  1. I share the same sentiments. And sang-froid rush!!!

    I like this post very much–and did vote thrice; nevermind that the last two won’t count. Expressed. Fulfilled. Done.

    Will be waiting for you at the mountain…

    “…it needs but an order to settle them in this place, to move them to that, to separate them from their families and dislocate their normal lives.”

    “…they must rise, march, run, endure bad weather, go without sleep or food, be isolated in some distant post, work till they drop. They have ceased to be the masters of their fate. If they drop in their tracks, if their ashes are scattered to the four winds, that is all part and parcel of their job.”

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