They said I could be anything…

They said I could be anything...
…So I became a NINJA.

I just thought I’d update my picture for the ILLUSTRATOR page.

ancient swagger

Exhibit A

I’ve always had a propensity for extra-lengthy headdress tails. As it turns out, there is historical backing for this propensity; making it accurate to portray Labaw Donggon and Datu Paubari with such windswept accessories.

The pudong or turban was a typical headdress for males. Though in Panay, both sexes were known to wear a sort of headdress or bandana called a saplung. Commoners wrapped rough abaca cloth a few times over their heads and called these pudong-pudong. Warriors who’d killed enemies in the battlefield wore a red pudong called magalong.

The most distinguished warriors, however, had pudongs made of gauze-thin abaca fiber called pinayusan.  These would be dyed a deep scarlet with very fine patterns and buffed to the sheen of silk. With each act of dauntlessness, the pudong of these warriors would be lengthened. Thus, the real heroes were known to have one end of their headdress hang loose—a very ancient manifestation of swagger.

6 thoughts on “They said I could be anything…

  1. I appreciate very much the info bits about the putong … these bits should be compiled into a book about our ancient dress. All those symbolic touches speak about what were important to our ancestors and give us insights on who we are as Filipinos.

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