Up and running.

There is a lot to do and I just took a little break. Let me write more later today, when my thoughts have settled.

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  1. kulay-dagat-buko says:

    I missed reading blogs! And checking out Epic of the Three Starssss!

    1. I’ve missed blogging, too. Just that now, I can’t blog full time anymore. But I do try to make time for it. 🙂

      We’ve set up a group of bloggers made up of some youth here in Cebu, too. You might want to check them out here:


      1. kulay-dagat-buko says:

        I see. 🙂 at least, it’s still alive! Haha

        Nice. I shall check it out. =) THANKYOU E3Stars =))

      2. Hahaha! Thank you also for continually reading 🙂

      3. kulay-dagat-buko says:

        haha =))
        oh, you’re welcome! 😀

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