On affinities and the occasional crests…

Photography :  InFoolView


I’ve always had this affinity for words, at times I write more and there will be times when I’ll be drawing more. This year and the one before it has been a whirlwind, to say the least; to say ‘whirlwind’ might even border on the side of understatement.

I’ve come near quitting and having reached that point, realizing that it’s possible to take a few more steps beyond, took the steps. Eventually, you find that the real challenge in existing is to simply continue where most would decide to stop.

Your closest friends can hurt you deeply, with their words, but you decide on the reach of the pain. Friends, like everything else, are temporary situations. True friends, the ones I would take bullets for, count for less than 10% of the facebook stats.

I listen to words… but I believe in action.

So, really, what I’m trying to say is this: I’m working on a book!–and it’s halfway done. So, I was wondering, when it gets published: will there be any takers?

It’s fiction and slightly crazy.

Will it have drawings?–ehhh, maybe. Will it have words?! Yes. Chock-full.

2 thoughts on “On affinities and the occasional crests…

    1. Hahahaha! I wish it were… but nope, not yet. I don’t think I can do that… YET. But, you know what, that’s an interesting idea!

      Right now I have to finish this before I begin entertaining some more ideassss. XD

      You can write your own, too and, I think, you’re very capable of doing that. 😛

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