Not this brand of succinct.

Lobo, Batangas

Let’s look at a picture, shall we? Not that you have much of a choice.

A slice of paradise, right? Having spent about a month in Luzon, this was one of the more beautiful scenery I’d managed to come across. I was there for classes on 3D modelling and in need of certification, you know, for… reasons. Drawing with x-y-z coordinates can be an emotional rollercoaster ride, with drawn out sessions for rendering.

To contrast, if you haven’t tried being in the MRT Station on a Friday night, you should try it. The trains in Singapore would feel like heaven after the human sardine can that is the Manila MRT experience. I can’t complain though, this is public transportation, we all put up with it… and I’m reeling in the EXP. Also, I’m trying to imagine the Indian counterpart to this situation.

Lately, I’ve been concerning myself with the family business. Construction. As much as I’d prefer to set up my own design firm, I can’t–for my life, ignore it. I’ve tried. Really. So, here I am, trying to see what I can to do help my dad. There are writing assignments, photography, 3D modelling and illustration projects to deal with, anyway… So, the construction bit shouldn’t bore me to death.

Anyway, dad’s only been treating me like a semi-secretary, for now: answering phone calls, bank runs, errands, minor editing of floor plans and perspective drawings. It helps me earn my keep, I’d like to believe.

There’ll be more, in the next few weeks: projects that I can now reveal to the public, some wordy… most, verbatim. I return a bit more sober than when I’d left, changed to a degree.

I’m also on the lookout for a new dslr–preferably, 2nd hand. Funny, eh? Let me know if you have any leads.

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