Ten Secrets.

We’ll be counting down to one in the next days. I’ll have to talk about 10 secrets and It’s been difficult, haven’t I laid out everything in this blog?–Or I assume too much? Also, I’ll try to relate them to recent events, in the spirit of the previous post. Here it goes:

1. Color – Color continues to fascinate me: the play of light, shadow and how this transforms hues. Seeing a perfect color combination will complete my day. I also buy food for the visual play. Honestly, I don’t enjoy cupcakes for their taste, mostly hues will color my decision. Before I knew better, I used to color coordinate my AutoCAD drawings.

2. Silhouettes – I like looking at silhouettes of everything. Often, it’s the first I notice and the one to leave a lasting impression. One time, I liked a guy for his silhouette. Manila was, surprisingly, mundane in it’s experimentation with silhouettes.

3. Side – Don’t get on my bad side. It’s there and you don’t want any of it.

4. Writers – Since highschool I’ve kept in contact with writer friends from all over the world. 90% of them, I’ve never met in person. We’ve grown older, better-skilled and we still enjoy each other’s writings and presence.

5. Bullets – I’d gladly take a bullet for a select few… about 15 people.

Lobo, Batangas

6. Die – With major decisions and challenges in life, I think in terms of ‘will this kill me or not?’ If it’s not life-threatening and I’m aware that I’m not supposed to die yet, then I dive into it.

7. Beached – I love the beach, not because I like the water. When we went to Lobo, Batangas I just waded by the beach and watched. The way the sky interacts with water is enough for me.

8. ReadTV has little to no significance in my life… reading lights up my brain better. These days, I’ve learned to appreciate reading in front of a monitor. Though book paper will always be held in reverence.

9. Water – Next to coffee and tea, water is 3rd on my list of favorite drinks. I learned to appreciate it better about a month ago, while walking around Greenbelt.

10. Walk – Unless necessary, I’d rather walk than drive. Though cars and machinery, in general, will always be fascinating.

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