What are words but potentials. History requires action. Here are SE7EN wants that I intend to bring out from electronic pages and into a semblance of reality; a bucket list of sorts.

1. luxuria
Wanderlust. A little luxury I’ve been meaning to sate… at least, once a year.

2. gula
I want to walk the streets of Via Emilia in Bolognia and end up in Carpigiani: spend the day sampling gelato for breakfast, lunch, dinner with hefty amounts of espresso in between. The day ends with a lengthy stroll back to a cozy hostel, cup of tea in hand, to ease my abused belly.

3. avaritia
Tiny House Project: To build a house is something I’d want to do, from the conceptualization process to the actual execution. I want to build it with my own hands, stretch the capacity of an area less than 65 sq. meters and make sure it has wheels for easy transport.

SONY DSC4. acedia
Drive a boat, lose sight of the shore… sit under the stars, take pictures and watch the sky change colors, not minding the time. I’ve almost done this, I think… except for the boat part.

5. ira
I want to watch an actual Muay Thai fight in Bangkok. Taking it to another level, I’d want to take part in a Muay Thai competition… for this though, I’d have to commit to training in Bangkok for about a year. Would I do it?

6. invidia
Collect three bubble/mini cars: the Peel P50, Isetta and Mini Cooper. Based on experience, I’ll grow tired of them in about two years, so this one isn’t much of a necessity, I figure. Probably I’ll use them for a retro-themed film, photo-shoot or magazine article.

7. superbia
Dance, I need to dance again. I don’t know when but… well, my muscles are angling for it. Next to dancing, another round of football, maybe… without dislocating another’s shoulder.

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