Six places I’m normally at…

1. Walking Place(s)
Normally, this is the area between home and the Eko headquarters, Ayala Center Cebu, mum’s office and various other meeting spots for other projects. If I could have a decent discussion on foot, I’d do it. Walking helps me sort out the days activities and set out priorities.

2. Laughing Place(s)
This haunt, on most occasions, is anywhere with my bunch of crazies. We discuss projects over cups of coffee  (tea if we’re being repentant), criticize each other’s output with brutal abandon and laugh up a storm. It’s eustress: work is difficult but the shared commitment, excellent company and constant learning makes it all worthwhile.

hair like clouds

“Only in quiet waters things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.” -Margolius, Hans

3. Quiet Place
More often than not, this would be my room during the wee hours. Perfect for reflection, rumination, projects that require extra-focus and, well, for sketching out ideas, be it through words or pencil lines.

4. Running Place(s)
There are several parks around Cebu, I haunt about three of them. A good run prepares the mind and soul, helps me breathe better; an extra kick of energy. Running around the MT gym was quite an experience, too. You can squeeze out the sweat from your clothes afterwards!

5. Music Place(s)
Music seeps into secret crevices, reaching the soul. I’ll leave it at that. What would the world be without it?

6. Talking Place(s)
I’m partial to productive banter and have found about 15 people with whom I can talk to for hours on end. To be honest, some of the freshest ideas come from these moments. I can’t share these with the public yet, but well, once we’ve drawn them and published these things… that will be a God-awesome day.


Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.Eleanor Roosevelt

Can I append this though? The ability the communicate great ideas to the simplest minds is the mark of genius. This is something to always keep in mind. I don’t think that there is ever an idea so lofty it can’t be explained to children, it just needs to go through the right channel, I think.

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