Known for being picky with food, it’s not the taste that often encourages it. I don’t think my taste buds have that much range… It’s mostly the ingredients I’m keeping a keen eye on.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates

Simply put, if a meal leaves me feeling lethargic, careening into the sheets, I’ll mostly try to avoid a repeat performance. For the nonce, a good or bad thing, exceptions apply. Sugary exceptions.

Cheesecake = love/hate relationship

Cheesecake = love/hate relationship

Note that I consider drinks at par with meals. In my mind, if it delivers the same amount of nutrition, there’s not much difference to consider.

1. Niçoise is a mix of tomatoes, lettuce, green beans with tuna, anchovies and vinaigrette. Some of my favorite versions come with hard-boiled egg and potatoes. Though, given my rudimentary culinary preferences, throw most salads in my direction and I’ll be happy.

2. Arugula in everything. Notice the predilection for sprinkling each favorite flavor into every other dish? Arugula in a salad, in pizza, a smoothie, with cheese, yogurt  fruits… or just plain arugula fresh off the plant, washed and chewed between the teeth. Satisfaction.

3. Coffee. Need I elaborate? Coffee-Tea and Spicy Coffee top the list, after the basic strong brew.

coffeeIn Manila, friends introduced me to CubaoX’s Halo, a quaint diner that served spicy coffee. The experience tasted of sweet caffeine that hit you with a spicy aftertaste, a tingling at the back of your tongue. An interesting sensation, to say the least, it left us curious.

Coffee-Tea would be a mild aftershock compared to spicy coffee. As a friend described it: this feels like you’re drinking flowers, you’re uncertain whether you’re tasting or smelling the flavor. Isn’t that a perk in your book of memories?

4. Dried Figs, Pistachios and Almonds, such playthings, will keep me occupied. Left to myself, I may unwittingly consume a pack of these items in one sitting. The best ones I’ve tried have to be those sent straight from the middle east: not sugary or salty and loyal to the original flavor.

5. Pepper! To any chef’s disappointment, I’d often slather dishes with pepper. Everything deserves to be slathered in pepper and given a taste test, if unpleasant… you’ll have lost nothing and gained an experience.

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