Life in choice photography.

Turns out the blog had been running itself in my absence.

Thanks for all the new follows and comments, I will try my best to answer the queries. For those who need their answers ASAP, take note that all this is built on research. A bit of my material is taken from, gems you will find from there continue to surprise.

As ancient wisdom would put it: “a picture paints a thousand words”. So I’ve tried to encapsulate life into a few choice shots.

As of late, there’s been the magazine, cupcakes and a play in the works… I continue to wonder how all these have come into being. But they do. Other things, I cannot speak of yet as they are in the rudiments of production.

It’s interesting to be working with people half your age and those who are also close to double. Looking at all this, past-me might be in for a surprise. Interesting to find a crowd with shared passions, it is a great time to be alive. Something new piques your brains at every moment.

It was a risk jumping off the proverbial boat but, hey, the water’s nice and cool after all.

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