Dapitan: In your spare time, draw fish.

Dapitan ShoreColours will distract you some days and they’re captivating enough to count as valid nutrition sources. Think photography, for me, has always involved tiptoeing lines between light and shadow; it’s a time-consuming exercise and a healthy distraction that sometimes serves it’s purpose, drawing in cash when necessary.

fishMyriad of hues with it’s hint of comedy, that picture we took October this year on a trip to Dapitan. Part of preparations for Rizal ATBP included visiting his place of exile. Fishermen didn’t need to sail too far from shore. After casting nets waist-deep they come back to the sand with this much. Mum said we’re a rich nation and I see her basis for that claim.

“I want to do all I can for this town.” Was what Jose Rizal wrote in a letter to father Pastells while he was exiled. Sleepy Dapitan buzzed with life in his wake. Particularly, I was drawn to his sculptures and drawings. Suppose he went diving, too, caught fish and carefully drew each one.

Rizal ATBP a musical play produced by Hiyas Kayumanggi explores the life and merits of Jose Rizal through the eyes of one unlikely character. I can’t really disclose as much, you can find out for yourselves. Watch Rizal ATBP at Ayala Center Cebu on the following dates:

NOV 8, 7PM
NOV 9, 3PM
NOV 9, 7PM

Check out Rizal ATBP on facebook for details.


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