Ender’s Game


Laslo is hugely unimpressed.

No. Sorry. No. Not related to the movie at all. And those wishing to read about it may be redirected back to google as I’ve yet to browse the movie’s novel, itself. People say it’s good so… might just give it a moment.

Spent most of the day doodling. From technical drawings to the not so precise of arts; one end of the spectrum driving me to explore opposing possibilities.

Laslo is the guy in white with his kid-sister, Lira. Began conceptualizing these two around 2006, if I remember right. Here they are!–haven’t drawn these two in a while.

Lira’s babbling something along the lines of: “I was this close to the bonfire when it flared up!” And he’s thinking: You also burnt up most of your eyebrows in the process.

As responsibility would have it, he has to tug her from the fire and later on, put it out. Job’s cut out for him.


deja vu?

To compare, here’s one of the earlier doodles from 2006. Doesn’t seem like much of their personalities have changed.

Just click the images for a larger view and cheers to 2013!

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