Water Bending near Plaza Salcedo

Got to love a mix of the old and new. After you’ve taken a quick stroll around Vigan’s Calle Crisologo, head to the town center. Hard to miss Plaza Salcedo, it’s right in front of St Paul’s Metropolitan Cathedral.

Juan De Salcedo first built St Paul’s in 1574. Earthquakes damaged it back in 1619 and 1627, so they built a second by 1641. Not sure why, but construction was completed by 1800s. That took a long time!

Present day Plaza Salcedo comes with a revitalized treat. Sort of.

Vigan’s Dancing Fountain comes alive everyday at 7:30pm. At least, that’s what other online accounts are saying. The night before seeing the show, it had been raining and we were around the town plaza sans light show.

Nevertheless, when you do catch it, you’ll find certain appeal to lights and projected imagery dancing to beats like Rolling In the Deep and Eye of the Tiger. Thirty minutes of the show is enough to sate appetites without over-saturation.

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