Caffeine Fix: Davao

Little boy borrowed my camera while we sampled Bluegre’s Durian Coffee. Durian, on its own, is already one thick, creamy confection that catwalks perfection between bitterness and sugary heaven. Given you’ve been dealt premium grade stuff–getting one when it’s barely ripe or simply not the variety for you translates to disaster.

Anyway, wasn’t this a post on coffee? Durian coffee. This one, for me, was caramel on maple syrup… I’d drink it for experience points alone. Or it could’ve been because I nipped on durian flesh before taking a sip.

Lesson learned: a strong, dark blend paired with the Arancillo variety still trumps other durian mutations.

Cafetière à piston or French press was, interestingly, patented by Attilio Calimani in 1929. He’s an Italian designer.

Morning after Blugre found us at Sea Green Cafe. As usual, I needed a fix. Not too strong but hardly on the watery side, coffee here was close to classic. To say the least, it warmed the heart and complemented their adorable cuisine.

I’d like to say more. About visual, color coherence found in Sea Green salads and precise grid alignment applied to food preparation. Or how Davao is clean, welcoming and culturally abundant. That’s for another post, I suppose.

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