Too sweet, after you

I like to pretend I’m a cultured traveler when in fact I just go out hunting, like a neanderthal, for my next sugar and caffeine fix. Pictures look lovely and, yeah… but behind the scenes: humid, tropical air, getting lost, walking around and getting mistaken for a Thai 2000% of the time.

My default mode in Thailand is: I don’t understand, please talk to me in English.

Once in a while, you do find a fix. I would’t even say that After You cafe is authentic. To me, it seems to follow the Korean take on coffee shops… which the Koreans took from Japan and mixed in American influences.Which leaves the Italians batting their fists to their chests screaming: espresso!

Still, After You was just what we needed for that moment. It satisfied my neanderthal heart. And to warn future goers, only take one at a time. A tripleshot Viennese coffee, panna cotta and chocolate bingsu don’t have to be consumed in one sitting!

Stay alert! Be aware.


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