What’s Brewing at Makerversity?

CREATIVE HUBS CONNECT! a programme in the UK for Creative Innovators Programme Fellows to get to know how other hubs are run, their sustainability measures, and meet potential collaborators. The programme is designed to fit the needs/objectives of the Fellows with the objective of establishing stronger links between PH and UK organisations. The activity falls under the Creative Innovators Programme, led by British Council and DTI through Design Center of the Philippines , in partnership with Philippine Trade Training Center , Apl.de.Ap Foundation and Thames International .

Last stop: Makerversity, Old Post Room, Somerset House, Victoria Embankment, London

Let’s start with the end in mind.

Makerversity’s mission is to inspire and support makers and grow communities of maker
businesses in city centres around the world, by: Building and running awesome spaces for professional makers, which combine co-working space with clean and messy workshop space, machines and tools; bringing together people with all kinds of creative and technical expertise; offering learning programmes for young people to inspire the next generation of creative and practical minds and increase the diversity within the creative industries.

Having grown-up in different construction sites, I felt like a kid in a candy shop! Hands twitched and itched to play with the machines, and the little left of my logic pulling me back with all its strength.

Not only is there an enabling space provide for makers, all Makerversity members have the opportunity to play an active part in these programmes and are encouraged to pass on their experiences and expertise to others.


The Creative Innovators Programme drives the synergy between creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship for social impact. It aims to contribute to more sustainable and impact-led creative hubs that can better support the Philippines’ creative industries, thereby creating more inclusive cities and communities.

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