An exhibition on King’s Road.

CREATIVE HUBS CONNECT! a programme in the UK for Creative Innovators ProgrammeFellows to get to know how other hubs are run, their sustainability measures, and meet potential collaborators. The programme is designed to fit the needs/objectives of the Fellows with the objective of establishing stronger links between PH and UK organisations. The activity falls under the Creative Innovators Programme, led by British Council and DTI through Design Center of the Philippines , in partnership with Philippine Trade Training Center , Foundation and Thames International .

A meandering lane: This wasn’t part of the itinerary, but I had to!

13 – 19 November 2018

Presented by Mark Sanders Art Consultancy, SAATCHI Gallery, Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Rd, Chelsea, London

Just looking at Lenkiewicz’s works on TV already had my (non-existent) eyes popping. Perhaps the first time I’d watched TV in 2018, I ran through news, brexit, bus crashes and then… this sh*t. I had to see this sh*t in person! So, the day after, a few london underground mazes, 3546 steps and with espresso in my system the Saatchi Gallery is found!

Like a tinge of the sublime when you’ve had a gummy bear too many. Lenkiewicz‘s practice actively engages with the art of the past to invigorate and rejuvenate one’s understanding of what it means to be a painter today. Fellow practitioners working in this key strand of contemporary art, including Glenn Brown and John Currin, represent an established trend that has been developing over the past two decades. It’s art history and future.

This movement subverts the postmodernist myth that we are all caught in a ‘perpetual present’, revealing instead that the art of the past is a living entity that continues to influence our understanding of painting today.

Past, present, future, and I’ll have what he’s having.

The Creative Innovators Programme drives the synergy between creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship for social impact. It aims to contribute to more sustainable and impact-led creative hubs that can better support the Philippines’ creative industries, thereby creating more inclusive cities and communities.

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