Challenges on 58 Victoria Embankment

CREATIVE HUBS CONNECT! a programme in the UK for Creative Innovators ProgrammeFellows to get to know how other hubs are run, their sustainability measures, and meet potential collaborators. The programme is designed to fit the needs/objectives of the Fellows with the objective of establishing stronger links between PH and UK organisations. The activity falls under the Creative Innovators Programme, led by British Council and DTI through Design Center of the Philippines , in partnership with Philippine Trade Training Center , Foundation and Thames International .

Sustainability models: making it work.. without losing the fun.
Nesta58 Victoria Embankment, London

Being my scatterbrained self, it was insightful and adventurous to have an entire room firing ideas faster than one can gobble a macaron. The session was like plucking manna from a cloud of fire: build quick, create structure, review, check and re-check.

What I do appreciate about NESTA is their interactive approach to learning: the facilitator isn’t the sole source of information, each brain in the room was a potential resource. And to focus on the subject of sustainability for creative hubs: numbers are entirely fun, presented in this manner… wish my math subjects were something like this.

Nesta is a global innovation foundation. They back new ideas to tackle the big challenges of the time, from the pressures of an ageing population to stretched public services and a fast changing jobs market. They believe that innovation – the creation and adoption of new ideas – is the key to human progress, prosperity and happiness.

But too often innovation doesn’t back the things that really matter to people. They want to make innovation work for everyone – growing new ideas that tackle the challenges our society faces and change the world for the better.

The Creative Innovators Programme drives the synergy between creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship for social impact. It aims to contribute to more sustainable and impact-led creative hubs that can better support the Philippines’ creative industries, thereby creating more inclusive cities and communities.

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