Decembers in Chiang Mai

Often, I do explain to friends that I try to exercise and eat healthy so I can snack more. This is a fact.

When you do see me trying to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s simply because I’m working my way towards the next dairy queen, or something similar. In the past, I’d considered moving to Chiang Mai and somehow starting a life there. If we backtrack, almost a decade ago, I was looking to leave my hometown and take root somewhere else. I spent some time exploring Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand… and Chiang Mai, Thailand was top of my list, followed by Singapore. I just had a nagging feeling that I’d get bored of Singapore too quickly. It’s perfect how everything works but, for me, it was a bit too artificial.

Chiang Mai is a creative city of Craft and Folk Art, is charged with culture, sense of identity, history and attention to detail.

Chiang Mai feels a bit more authentic, like your auntie who just wants to spoil you but she doesn’t exactly know how to treat children. So she gives you a wad of cash, tells you where all the cool places are and says: book a grab, or walk around, just make sure you update me when you’re there. Chiang Mai is like your cool aunt.  My goal is to bring my parents, December of 2020 to Chiang Mai. They love to eat, and drive around, especially for the holidays. So, the true purpose is, when they’re in Chiang Mai they can eat whatever they like but they’ll most likely be doing 15k steps daily. This should ensure a healthier holiday celebration.

If they’re not buying into my plan, then I’d probably still end up there this December. Given the post-pandemic world restarts travel, and tourism.

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