How it started, and how it’s going…

2020 hit and I had cabinets filled with blank canvasses, maybe a trauma response from lockdowns? While people hoarded tissue paper, I had art materials.

Likely it was an exercise in getting my hands used to paints again. So every other weekend I had to pick up a brush, and get on with it. Not that I had anything in mind, considering the brain-work that M-F required, this was a decompression stop that lasted all weekend.

As the Covid pandemic kept us indoors, I resorted to painting over the weekends. Allowing my mind to wander just like colors melting into each other.

It’s come to this…

A play of textures and color; an allergic response to the covid pandemic.

In previous exhibitions before this, they’d been deep dives into rumination and reflection. 2020TOO isn’t as sophisticated or pretentious; it’s the brain’s attempt at coping with lockdowns, and the rapid decline of our shared mental resilience.

This play on texture and color, made the last 2 years entirely livable.

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