Patricia graduated from the University of the Philippines Cebu College with a BFA majoring in Painting. She dove into Graphic Design after school. It taught her more than four years of college probably could.

She heads the University of Cebu’s Animation Program with a goal to produce work-ready animators. Her current projects with the ECCP connect academic concerns with industry needs, granting activities relevance outside of the classroom.

Projects with Hiyas Kayumanggi allowed Patricia to combine culture with creativity through the Lapulapu Museum, and graphic designs for Rizal ATBP and Hinilawod. On the side, there’s Spartan Race PH, a chance to expand her network while staying fit.

She splits her time over creative-passion projects,  conceptualization and running of events, illustration, painting, photography, graphic design, teaching and writing. Co-organizing the very first Cebu Design Week was an opportunity for all these interests to come together and create bigger impact.

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  1. j s p says:

    edgy. epic. i’d say, five stars for Three Stars! now, a thousand more frames to go.

    1. thank you very much 🙂
      yes… a thousand more frames in the making.

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