Ender’s Game

No. Sorry. No. Not related to the movie at all. And those wishing to read about it may be redirected back to google as I’ve yet to browse the movie’s novel, itself. People say it’s good so… might just give it a moment. Spent most of the day doodling. From technical drawings to the not…

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Life in choice photography.

Turns out the blog had been running itself in my absence. Thanks for all the new follows and comments, I will try my best to answer the queries. For those who need their answers ASAP, take note that all this is built on research. A bit of my material is taken from http://books.google.com/, gems you will…

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On affinities and the occasional crests…

Photography :  InFoolView   I’ve always had this affinity for words, at times I write more and there will be times when I’ll be drawing more. This year and the one before it has been a whirlwind, to say the least; to say ‘whirlwind’ might even border on the side of understatement. I’ve come near…

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No fear. No distractions….

No fear. No distractions. The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide.

Chuck Palahniuk’s words through Tyler Durden.

Tim Ferriss advocates the 80/20 rule of productivity, where you focus relentlessly on the 20% of the actions that lead to 80% of the return.

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Remnants of the Majapahit Empire

When the few sages of facebook, twitter, wordpress and (dare I say) tumblr have been exhausted—and it happens more often than not—I find myself digging for gold back in Google Books. There is actually a gold rush back there. If you haven’t found your fortune, then you simply haven’t been looking. My top three sites,…

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Going up the mountain with Desiderata.

Starting the 15th of March I’ll be offline for about a month again, so if you guys have any concerns please email or PM me before the 15th or after April 17, 2012. I’m honestly excited to see my Labaw Donggon mates, how they’ve changed… how the months have been kind or harsh to us….

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