Epic of the Three Stars?

The Epic of the Three Stars builds from the adventures of Labaw Donggon. Labaw Donggon, of the Hinilawod Epic is the eldest son of Paubari and Alunsina. In the epic, after birth, he is immediately transformed into a full-grown man, ready to conquer foreign land and enemies as he searched for his destiny.

In the Epic of the Three Stars, we explore the possibility of the great Labaw Donggon going through the oddities of being a teenager. In this alternate universe, he is transported into 21st Century Philippines and must navigate through an alien environ until he learns the ways of a warrior.

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5 thoughts on “Epic of the Three Stars?

  1. Thanks Ate Pat (~still awkward about this name tho…)
    for giving a few moments visiting my AWFULl site ๐Ÿ˜€
    I am refreshed by your words and I am actually aided by it to continue this torture of expressing myself!! –waaaaah!!(if you could notice actually, im quite moody with my posts..and transparent too) Yet it all comes down to this -“its childish” and amateur.. I really really hope I could sharpen myself as pointed as the ones you use in making a masterpiece called art. Well, thanks again…,
    Me? Im PINE(apple) (i guess…) still finding ways to get through everything!! Although Im forced to write….I mean its an obligation to me……….errr…..I kinda like it that way…..you know when writing? — oh my gosh. . . like: “really!? this is me talking?!”…(being very talkative around here huh?)…its just that….

    i miss you all….wish i could connect again next time…(God’s will) ๐Ÿ˜€ hehe! LOL!

    Love, Paule ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. It’s great to hear from you, Paule! Just call me Mendoza if you’e comfortable with that, as for me, I think I’ll still call you Paule. XD

      I think you should keep writing, it’s obviously a talent. You do have a gift and not everyone has it. You should cultivate it. I didn’t really start as a person who liked to write, I was just forced by my teacher back in the 5th grade… but I’m seeing the advantages of it. I’m glad you’re PINE!–And you can be as talkative as you want. Hahahaha.

      1. wow still awake!! not gmail you ask? coz the gmail cant be opened (even html view) through the teenie weenie globe broadband in the apartment..(yet affordable tho :)) And I am blessed right know having an overnight in one of the members’ house who has wifi.
        Anyway I was just having this feeling of wanting to tell you this…
        Ive been having spiritual issues down here and ive been writing an epic in order for my mind to avoid dwelling in worldly pleasures and sinful desires of human nature..
        it is entitled: “EL RAYA” — when modern world accidentally discovers myth world; takes over it and destroys it. —Like whut!!?? yeah in time, changing the course of history and balance of the world!! yeah its just a stupid epic! (epic so that every time temptation pokes me, i’ll endlessly add episodes/chapters long enough till i get back in the academy) Anyway just telling you this coz i like the title thats all!! hahaha!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Oh, I like your strategy. I’m writing a novel, myself… to keep myself from getting consumed by frustrations. Hahahaha. Yes, update me about your EL RAYA… we can make a graphic novel about it when you’re done. I think you’re pretty good at weaving stories. ๐Ÿ™‚

      By the way, if you need a redesign for your blog, just let me know.

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