A Princess for your wall?

You throw caution to the wind and take a gamble. They say that life is about security and stability, I think those are very important. When I turn 50, however, and have had time to look back on my life, I’ll be glad to have thrown some years into uncertainty. I’ll never know the meaning of uncertainty, hadn’t 2011 come along.

1. Quit your job.
The year saw me employed and enjoying the challenge of being an instructor amongst animation students. I was the youngest and the only female in the faculty. I began to see how I was as a student and I fell in love with the students who were so willing to learn. I taught them and when there was nothing more I could give I thought I needed to take a masters degree. So I quit my job.

Princess Durunuun wallpaper

2. Draw a princess.
During my downtime I began to work with Hiyas Kayumanggi on the Hinilawod and began drawing comics for them. Basically, I learned to draw masculine, heroic-type fellas and strong-willed princesses, at the same time I began to understand that there’s more to Philippine Mythology than meets the eye.

3. Beat your body.
Muay Thai. First, I’d enrolled in the classes because I needed references for the battle scenes in the Hinilawod Comic. I learned about the dynamics of a body in battle mode. I also began to understand that What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. It took me about three months to get over the fear that overtook me every time I’d climb the stairs going up to our gym. After every session, I was always surprised at the multitude of things that could not kill you.

This experience has shown me the impossibilities of being James Bond.

4. Live by the beach, climb a mountain, shoot a gun.
At least, once in your life, try it. The Philippines comes close to being paradise on earth. Bantayan Island is paradise for me and our 2-day trek on Mt Talinis kept bringing me back into the pages of Tolkien‘s LOTR.

The .45 caliber pistol definitely looked cool; operating it was even more interesting. But the next time I’m in a firing range, I’d like to get to know the M16 a bit more personally. Also spend time with the Philippine military forces. You’ll be surprised at the surplus of heroes that exist there. There are heroes amongst us.

5. Reach your limit.
Again, you’ll be surprised at the many things that will not kill you. Like, for example, an asthma attack. It was terrifying, not being able to breathe… then, your body eases up after a few minutes and you wonder what you were so scared about.

6. Cherish the few.
In this post, I mentioned that there will be a precious few whose wavelengths sync with yours. I met some of them in the last 4 months of this year and, maybe, these are people that I’d like to grow old with. I’d honestly gotten the impression that I will not have a long life: quantity vs quality?

However the road bends for me, I’m more or less welcoming it. There are a few things quite as interesting as a brush with uncertainty, as I’ve come to understand.

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